Metal Flashing Installation

Metal flashing is an essential component of roofing systems, as it helps to prevent water intrusion and directs water away from critical areas such as roof joints, valleys, chimneys, skylights, and walls.

Key Features & Benefits:

Metal flashing acts as a barrier to prevent water from seeping into the joints and gaps where different building materials meet. It redirects water away from these vulnerable areas, helping to keep the interior of the building dry and protected from water damage.

Leak Prevention
By providing a secure and weather-resistant seal, metal flashing helps prevent leaks and water infiltration, even during heavy rain or snow.

Metal flashing is highly durable and can withstand exposure to the elements, ensuring long-lasting protection for the building.

Expansion and Contraction
Metal flashing is flexible and can accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of building materials due to temperature changes, reducing the risk of cracking or damage.

Metal flashing can be customized to match the building's architectural style, providing an aesthetically pleasing and seamless appearance at transitions between different materials.

Energy Efficiency
Properly installed metal flashing helps maintain a tight building envelope, contributing to improved energy efficiency by reducing air leaks and heat loss.

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